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Willie Harris is the official lobbyist for MetroMFT and has been advocating for Marriage and Family Therapists for more than a decade. Willie works directly with elected officials to protect Maryland consumers of mental health services and our ability to serve them. He informs us of changes in the political landscape in Annapolis, advocates on our behalf during session, and uses his professional expertise and connections in the community to advance the MFT profession and the interests of our clients. Thank you to everyone who has become a part of our new organization as a significant portion of your dues directly finances our ability to keep Willie and in turn our place among the other mental health professionals of Maryland. 

Willie was born in Washington, NC, but was raised in Brooklyn, NY. After leaving the Air Force, he went to work for Willie Brown as a political consultant but was soon asked to move to the East Coast to lobby for the Service Employees National Union. In 2003, Willie began working for the Marriage and Family Therapists of Maryland (MAD-AAMFT) and has been dedicated to supporting our profession since. Fellow MFTs describe Willie as friendly, reliable, effective, and a strong advocate for us and our clients in Annapolis!

For questions about Willie's efforts on our behalf, please reach out to our Advocacy Officer.



Silver Spring, MD 20910

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