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Peer Support Group

  • Friday, September 04, 2020
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Videoconference
  • 24


Peer Support Group

Friday, September 4


Facilitated by: Jessica Brenneman 


1. Many of us have participated or researched our new speciality of virtual therapy. Let's share some of those resources!

2. Many populations: one modality. How have you been successful with family, group, couples, individual, or child therapy? What trainings or resources do you have to share?

3. How have you structured your space and time to be successful in virtual therapy?

4. What have you learned or changed about your self care habits?

5. If you are seeing clients in person during this time, how is that going?

6. What could you use in a future training or what would be helpful for you to be successful at virtual therapy?

This is a peer support group organized by MetroMFT. Your participation in a peer support group indicates you have read, understood, and agree to the following statement:

While there may be clinicians who are licensed supervisors present, there is no contract for supervision and attendance does not substitute for such. The purpose of this group is to process our cultural milieu and provide support to one another regarding self of therapist issues related to clinical behavioral health practice. We are all mandated reporters and should an issue arise that involves risk to safety of a clinician or client, a report may need to be made. There is no guarantee of confidentiality.  Each participant may choose to disclose as much or little of their personal information as s/he/ they are comfortable.

The facilitator is a volunteer member from our MetroMFT community who does not receive any compensation from MetroMFT.  The facilitator will guide the conversation toward the topic and questions advertised as well as ensure that the group starts and ends at the appointed times.  Any ideas and viewpoints the facilitator shares are limited to representing themselves individually and should not be construed as representing the organization as a whole.  We ask that each participant be respectful of each other as professional peers and mindful of how much they contribute to the conversation and allow space for others to speak. Facilitators will have a prepared topic for each meeting and we are open to suggestions for future peer support groups.  Please share your ideas and suggestions with your facilitator and/ or email MetroMFT@gmail.com

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