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Meet Kirsten Sidell

Monday, April 05, 2021 10:50 AM | Rachel Chazen (Administrator)

Did you know that Kirsten is a local? She is originally from Maryland! While she lived in a few other places, including VA, DC, and Ecuador, Maryland has been home for most of her life.

Kirsten graduated from the University of Maryland Couple and Family Therapy program in 2010.

She currently works as a program supervisor at JSSA, where she oversees a team of clinicians who worked in various locations in the community - before COVID. She also has a private practice, where she primarily works with couples. Kirsten is an Emotionally Focused Therapy enthusiast!

When asked, “Why are you an MFT/what do you like about being an MFT?”, Kirsten responded: “We have a difficult time in our culture allowing space for feelings. With couples, I do just that - I help partners to be witness to each other's feelings and experiences to move them to a place of deep connection and intimacy. While I am grateful for my emotional acumen that I gained from my FOO experiences, I did not generally receive the message that my feelings were okay to share with others - and that there was even an advantage to doing so! I am glad to know it now and be able to help others to feel the benefit of this valuable lesson.”

Kirsten’s position as President is to guide Metro MFT, forge connections with other MFT organizations, advocate for our profession, and work with the Board members to implement programming that supports the health of MFTs. Our organization is still in its infancy, and like a parent, she is trying her best to create a space of secure attachment where our organization can begin to develop an independent and thriving culture. To do so, she wants to ensure that there is a clear path for the voices of our local MFTs to guide our decisions and programming as we grow.

Kirsten’s personal goal in her term as President is to support local MFT leadership in ways big and small. She believes that the more we all participate, the less any few people feel charged to take it on by themselves.

Fun Facts About Kirsten:

1) She had her first child about one year ago at the start of COVID!

2) She is passionate about nutrition! She has taken advanced courses in the impact of nutrition on mental health and implements what she has learned in her practice with individuals.

If you need to reach Kirsten, you can find her here:

Website: www.coupleandfamilytherapist.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/KirstenLCMFT

Instagram: @collectingwellnesstips

E-mail: kirsten.sidell@gmail.com



Silver Spring, MD 20910

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