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Meet Jordan Madison

Monday, June 07, 2021 12:18 PM | Rachel Chazen (Administrator)

As we work to build the connection between the Metro MFT Board and our wonderful clinical and student members, we thought it might be helpful for you to know a bit about the individuals you have elected.

This month’s spotlight features our Metro MFT Treasurer Jordan Madison.

Jordan is from Brooklyn, New York.

She graduated from the University of Maryland College Park's Couple and Family therapy program in 2018. 

She has been working as a therapist since graduation but currently Jordan is working to start up her own private practice! 

When asked, “Why are you an MFT/what do you like about being an MFT?”, Jordan responded: “I chose to be an MFT because I have a passion for reducing the stigma around mental health, especially in the Black community. I feel as though the family is the foundation, so if I can help families and couples to heal and have healthier relationships, I believe they will in turn create healthy and healed individuals.”

Jordan’s responsibility as treasurer is to provide transparency around how members' money is being used in the organization. 

Her personal goals in her term as treasurer are to make sure financial and tax regulations are followed and aim to help with fundraisers so that Metro MFT can have more resources to provide members with networking and CEU events.

Fun Facts About Jordan:

  1. She has colors for numbers and days of the week- It's actually called synesthesia.

  2. Jordan knows how to knit!

If you need to reach Jordan you can find her here: 

E-mail: jamthemft@gmail.com 

Social Media: @therapyismyJAM 



Silver Spring, MD 20910

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